Video, Audio & Photography

Online video, audio and photographic content is not only interesting, interactive and fun but also adds dynamism to your website, improving your visitors' experience. Moreover, these elements are searchable in themselves so can be found in isolation to your via Google or YouTube so could help SEO and improve your search engine rankings.

Video and photography are also important as they communicate your message visually. Many people find it hard to assimilate information via the written word. In other words they are visual learners and need to see something prominent or visually stimulating alongside auditory or written information in order to remember it.

Some things are just too complicated to explain using words alone. This is particularly true if what you wish to communicate involves using industry jargon. In the world of marketing communications the old saying is true: a picture really does paint a thousand words! Video in particular, is the most direct way to communicate ideas, proposals or product descriptions to your customers. It is for this exact reason that so many of us use YouTube if we need to find out how to do a complex or technical task.

Good photography is also a very direct and engaging way of communicating ideas or describing products and services. However, images also encourage the casual browser to visit your site and this not only improves SEO but also helps secure potential customers and sales. Photography is also an effective way to communicate brand values and the overall message of your business. Radikls can help by producing or locating images that sell your business in the best way possible.

Audio and video are an inexpensive addition to your website. Once the audio or video production is finished, then installation on your website can be as little as £25 per month. Embedding a video via is the simplest way of adding video to your website.