Website Development

Website development is a fundamental part of brand communications. Here at Radikls we not only understand this but also recognise that functionality is equally important. A website that is simple to navigate and easy to use will encourage repeat custom and present your company in the best light possible. A good website can increase your click-through rate and encourage potential customers to stay longer; not only giving you more chance of securing sales but also increasing their exposure to your brand message.
One of best ways of communicating the message or ethos of your brand is in how you choose to represent it visually. A choice of colour scheme or font, for example, can make all the difference between communicating that you offer premium products or services and ones which are second rate. Likewise, a good overall look and functionality can communicate the difference between a reputable, dynamic and forward-thinking business and a tin-pot organisation. Radikls are committed to ensuring that you are doing the important things right. We understand that you want to stand out in the marketplace, whilst effectively communicating your values and unique selling points to your next customer.

Radikls recognise the importance of functionality and therefore we build website content that is on the one hand, easy to use for the customer and on the other, makes it simple for you to process, analyse and manage data such as sales and stock on an ongoing basis. Moreover, if you require a large amount of content on your site, then we will look at using a database to store content and use a language such as ASP or PHP to deliver it. The Radikls team can then handle the ongoing maintenance of your website or we can hand it over to you with a secure, password-protected content management system.

Our development expertise extends through the following areas:

  •     Content management systems
  •     Booking systems
  •     Hotel reservation systems
  •     Internal emailing
  •     Briefing software
  •     Health and safety monitoring software
  •     Intranet and Extranet development
  •     Recruitment