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James Sale,
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Video & Audio

Adding online audio or video to your website can enhance your visitor's experience and could also improve your Search Engine rankings.

Video looks professional and is often more suitable than text for communicating ideas, proposals or product descriptions to your customers.

Why add audio / video to your website?

  1. To promote your products - demonstrate your product succinctly pointing out it's unique selling points.
  2. Personal approach - using one of your employees can bring the potential client closer to choosing your company for its requirements.
  3. Get the message across quicker - creating a video can take far less time than trying to create some new text for a webpage or keeping a blog up to date.
  4. Get your clients to sing your praises - adding audio/video of your client infusing on how good you are is better than a text testimonial as these can be seen as made up. An audio/video client testimonial is very real and powerful to a visiting website viewer.
  5. Chronicle a special presentation or business moment - by recording one of these it can be kept and played back to future visitors. It can get across a moment in your business history such as winning a business award.
  6. Can it help you in Google? - there is evidence that by adding these enhancements to your website, Google will see your website as more informative and rank your website higher.

Audio and video are an inexpensive addition to your website. Once the web audio/video production is done the installation on your website can be as little as 25 per month. is a simple way of adding video to your website.

Have a look at the following websites to see how this could work for you:

Click to listen to music samples:

  1. Take good care of my baby
  2. Crazy
  3. Close to you (voc)