Search Engine Optimisation

“Compared with the same time period last year new website visitor hits have doubled.”

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Complete E-marketing Solutions

Managing the approach to a customer on-line is about helping them solve a problem; by understanding how a customer goes about solving problems you can address them in a direct, efficient and sensibly priced manor. If you solve all a customer's needs you will profit from the Internet and by offering to solve continuing new problems a customer faces in a direct, efficient and competitively priced manor you will continue to profit from that relationship well into the future.

Our Services

Our services are bespoke to your requirements but typically would include:

  • Strategy consultation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword identification
  • Website optimisation
  • Search engine registration and re-registration
  • Paid inclusion in directories
  • Management of campaigns in Pay-per-Click search engines
  • Banner advertising
  • Sourcing and management of e-mail campaign lists
  • Newsgroup postings
  • On-line competition management
  • Management of affiliate programs
  • Integrated on-line News & Press releases
  • Bespoke Content Management solutions
  • Monthly reporting & feedback analysis

Search Engine Optimisation

Over the last year the term Search Engine Optimisation has emerged to represent a host of different methods perfected over the last 6 years, designed to join the search criteria of your potential customers with those of your website. Where a good match is found your site will appear higher up the list than that of other potential competitors. The higher you are and the more search engines your site can be found in the more likely people are to visit your site - that means more traffic and more business.

Radikls has developed a range of tactical methods that will ensure your site is found higher in major search engine listings:

  • Website optimisation
  • Submission & re-optimisation programme
  • Effective tracking

Website Optimisation

We work with you to set out some target criteria against which we can monitor effectiveness.

Radikls has built up an excellent reputation for ensuring sites are search engine friendly. We advise on such things as:

  • Keywords / Key phrases
  • Page Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Body text

Submission & Re-optimistaion Programmes

Radikls has selected best of breed software and matched that with over 6 years of expertise in preparing sites for search engines. Our research team keeps up- to-date with the ever changing criteria of search engines and utilises that knowledge at every stage of website optimisation.

Once a site has been optimised the next stage of the process is to submit website pages to the search engines on a regular basis. We also re-optimise the pages based on the criteria set to ensure that pages continually match the different search methods of search engines.

We offer a number of service levels that reflect the number of search engines submitted to and the frequency of those submissions (quarterly, every 2 months, monthly).

Selection of the right mix of frequency and number of search engines is critical as over-submission can be as damaging as under-submission.

Dynamic Statistics

It is important that effective monitoring is carried out so that alterations can be made to refine the results and success can be achieved. We believe that monthly reporting is essential to monitor the effects of submissions.

Has Your Website Been Negatively Affected By Google Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird?

Our clients are still smiling

Google Panda introduced in February 2011, was directed at penalising websites with poor quality content. Part of our SEO package is to advise our clients if any website pages require re-writing to provide original, good quality content.

In January 2012 Google also targeted websites with paid advertising above the fold. Google saw these websites as being more interested in getting payments from advertising than promoting their own products or services and therefore not providing the best results for Google search. Our clients know to promote themselves first and foremost and therefore none of them were affected by this.

Google Penguin announced in April 2012, was an algorithm change to penalise websites with poor inbound links, also known as backlinks. Our SEO packages have always included the addition of some good quality inbound links, NOT hundreds of poor quality links from websites that are completely unrelated to our clients business. We advise our clients not to pay for links or sign-up to link building schemes with other companies as they generally care more about the quantity than the quality of the links and a lot of websites who were enjoying page 1 rankings have recently lost their organic search engine rankings due to this practice!

The only way back from a Google Penguin penalty is a very time consuming backlink check and removal project. Using the Google disavow tool as a last resort if some of your spammy links can’t be removed manually.

Google Hummingbird introduced August 2013, was not just an algorithm amendment (like Panda & Penguin) – it was the complete replacement of Google’s search algorithm. Google said: Hummingbird is a new engine built on both existing and new parts, organized in a way to especially serve the search demands of today, rather than one created for the needs of ten years ago, with the technologies back then.

It has been shown to improve conversational search eg. What’s the closest place to buy a new iPad to my home? The goal is that pages matching the meaning do better, rather than pages matching just a few words. Localisation is therefore very important. Our SEO packages promote localisation and we advise and implement the best way to include clients service areas into the website text and imagery. We also offer the set up and administration of Google Places pages for our clients.

Also with Hummingbird, Google now has the infrastructure to better process social signals. Social Media is going to become part of search engine algorithms, if it hasn’t already! There’s a lot of conflicting views at the moment, but using Social Media properly can drive more customers to your website now and knowing that it will become part of the search algorithms should be spurring you on to start or improve your Social Media campaigns today!

Please contact us if you want long lasting, algorithm resistant SEO and Social Media packages to improve ROI for your websites.