Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means that your site can appear number one in search engine results – and maintain it. The Radikls team use today’s dynamic search engine environment to help companies like yours to reach more customers. We research keywords, competitors and technical aspects of your website and develop a custom strategy geared for maximum impact. 

Our advice ensures that your headings, titles, meta descriptions and inbound links are essential parts of the content review, and not just the page text. We comply with Google’s SEO recommendations and search engine quality guidelines. Regular reporting is an essential part of our SEO service in order to monitor the effects of submissions and continually improve your website’s ranking with Google, Yahoo and other leading search engines.
Radikls has developed a range of tactical methods that will ensure your site is found higher in major search engine listings:

  •     Website optimisation
  •     Submission & re-optimisation programme
  •     Quality inbound link building
  •     Effective tracking

SEO is at the centre of any effective website marketing strategy. Embracing SEO is the best way to avoid costly advertising campaigns on a long-term basis by increasing visibility on the internet and moving your site up the rankings for search engine results. There is much advice to be found online as to the best way to approach this task but the simple fact remains that without the help of a professional company that has the in-depth knowledge, experience and resources, with which to implement a coordinated plan, it is very difficult to succeed. At Radikls, our goal is to get your company seen in the top few results across all major search engines. Our SEO experts have an excellent track record in consistently achieving top-ten rankings across all the major search engines; targeting the keywords and phrases that people interested in the products and services our clients offer, are most likely to use when searching online. We work with small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as blue chip organisations to put together strategies that give the greatest return on investment possible. In addition to our optimisation skills we also offer a range of integrated marketing services.

Google Algorithm Changes

Google is the main search engine that brings traffic to well optimised websites and they like to change their algorithms regularly. These are the 200+ factors that decide which ranking your website achieves. We all know about Google Panda & Google Penguin, but you may not have heard of Google Pidgeon or Google Pirate. Our SEO experts have to stay on top of all the Google changes and we thought you may find this little table interesting. It shows Google SERP fluctuations. The higher the fluctuations, the higher the risk to your search engine rankings.

NEWS FLASHGoogle Algorithm change nicknamed "MobileGeddon" on 21st April 2015. Google checking if your website is "mobile friendly" & uses results as a ranking factor with Google warning that it will have a significant impact on search results! Does your website pass the Google Mobile Friendly test? Use this link to check: mobile-friendly & contact us quickly for a responsive website quote if necessary.

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