Company History was started under the brand name Dorsetweb back in 1995. Following American models, we built up a content driven portal, servicing low cost website design to the local area of Dorset, UK. Since then we have built over three-thousand websites and today are still developing a successful local marketplace.

As the Internet progressed website design became only a small part of what we offered to our clients and through referrals and strategic relationships, our business focus and clients requirements changed. As our client list in London and other major cities and towns continued to grow, it was evident that we needed a more holistic approach.

With the launch of the brand name came the next progression for our business model: to develop integrated software packages based on proprietary systems we had developed for our clients and to turn them into licensed products at a competitive price. has also marked a shift in our core operating philosophy in which we seek to provide a complete project and e-business management based solution that is usually only associated with more expensive London-based IT consultancy firms.

We believe we have the right solution to meet any SML requirement.