Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC marketing is also known as Cost per Click (CPC), Paid Search or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – although this final term encompasses Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) too. PPC marketing is a form of internet marketing where you pay for each click on your advert. You can manage the content of your advert, the key words that trigger it being shown and set a daily budget (maximum spend), but you may need an expert to help you get your advert to the top as a lot of different factors influence where it is placed.

Google Adwords is the most popular form of PPC advertising, but you can also set up PPC campaigns on the Yahoo Bing network and there are several Paid Search social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook offers greater audience selection for your PPC as you can target individuals by their Facebook profile settings. For example if you offer wedding services, you can target people who have just got  engaged.

PPC marketing can be a useful tool for new businesses to get instant traffic to their website, but it can also supplement organic rankings generated by SEO for all businesses especially for competitive search terms. However you must ensure that the cost of a PPC campaign is worthwhile for your business. ie. the Return On Investment (ROI) is profitable.

PPC is great for some companies, but be aware that PPC can lose money for others.

The results of PPC vary with factors like industry, product, price, profit margins, competition and ad text all coming into play.

Radikls can help you to decide if PPC Marketing would be worthwhile for your business. We can set up new PPC campaigns or audit existing PPC campaigns that currently aren’t achieving the required results or seem costly. Radikls has managed to increase website traffic and decrease overall search engine marketing spend for most of it's PPC clients with pre-existing Adwords campaigns.

"I have just had a look at my adwords campaign, I’m really not that good at analising it, but I have captured a screen shot of the last three months& it shows the number of clicks per day, they have increased from about 10 per day to in excess of 60, which is great.
But whats even better to see is that the day to day spend has NOT gone up hardly at all, which is great.
So thank you for getting this sorted, I’m very happy with the progress."

Steve Denham
Marine Events Ltd