Domain Names

Have you ever wondered what choosing a domain name means for your business? Choosing a domain name might sound like a simple task but there are many implications to consider and possible pitfalls to navigate. For instance, have you picked a name that infringes a Copyright? Is there a chance that a large company may not want you to have a domain name? We know of at least two corporates who have made smaller companies change domain names and even their business names. Moreover, if such a case against you arose, do you have the sort of money (at least £20,000) to defend your business?.

Another possibility, which is a common occurrence is that an online speculator buys up the alternative domain names for your company, for example, you buy the and somebody buys .com and .net. The buyer would then “cybersquat” on the names so that at such a time you need you would have to buy them back at an inflated price.

It is also important to consider the longevity of your domain name. Will the name you have chosen reflect your business in a few years time? We often see people wanting to buy a particular domain name but after speaking to them about their objectives and long term goals, find that the name they have chosen is unlikely to reflect these if their business were to grow.  Ensure your domain name “is for life” and not just for the moment.

An added bonus of choosing a good domain name is that it can help to increase your search engine ratings driving your business towards pole position in Google. The website is a prime example of a name that has increased footfall for a company by raising online visibility via Google.

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