Content Management Systems

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Malcolm Jeary,

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems or CMS, are software and database packages that will allow your organization to create and update its own web site, Intranet and or document content more easily.

Over the years CMS have become a more efficient and cost effective method of updating a web site, Intranet and or document content.

Depending on your companies size and purpose, and the kind of functionality you need from your Web site, Content Management can primarily cut out a large amount of the day-to-day manual work and data input such as coding of repetetive HTML, XML, copying and pasting of text from one document to another and other document preparation.

The benefits of CMS do not end there though. They can also add efficiency to your Management tasks such as maintaining schedules, sending version approvals, creating task lists and other activities.

Content Management Systems were originally built internally for companies who did a lot of content publishing. They have now developed into systems that are used for all kinds of purposes and companies and there are various open source systems that can be utilised.

Some examples are: