Content Management Systems (CMS)

A website works like a shop front for your business. And much like a shop needs to keep their window displays fresh and enticing by changing them regularly, is important for you to make changes when and where they are needed. Being in control of your website content is the best way to represent your business as forward thinking and in touch with ever-changing markets. It is also empowering to think that your website need not be static and unchanging but can be dynamic and evolving, much like your business!
Radikls understand that a Content Management System (CMS) has to work best for you. Therefore our CMS products are designed in-house with the aim of giving you full control and the flexibility to update your website, Infranet or document content at any hour of the day that best suits you. This is particularly useful in a crisis management scenario when it is crucial to change or remove content instantaneously, or if you need to add or remove content as your business evolves. Moreover, changing content regularly by publishing updated information is a good way to connect with customers and to show that you are thinking of their needs.
If you are a company that struggles to find the time to update content yourselves, then our in-house copywriters have the expertise to give your content a personal feel, working with you to ensure that the tone and register is in keeping with your 'house style'. We understand that the right use of language is essential in reflecting the brand message and values of your business.
Whether you want to establish interaction via forms, forums or web polls, set up a password secured personalised service or manage knowledge and information about users, Radikls can provide CMS systems to enable this level of interactivity. Our CMS systems are also able to link click-throughs, views and sales to back office systems, in order for you to see the bigger picture of website interaction.
Our user-friendly interface enables non-technical and untrained personnel to update your website with ease. So it's as simple as getting someone to copy, paste and upload it in seconds. This process is intuitive and requires little or no training or time lost to complex procedures and so frees up more time for the day-to-day running of your business.