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Forest Depot Woodland Management

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Forest Depot are a woodland management company based in Wiltshire offering a comprehensive range of forestry and timber related products and services. Having been established in 2005 by Andrew Starr, a veteran of the forestry management and contracting industry with over 20 years of experience, Forest Depot are vastly experienced in tree planting, ground care & landscaping, weed control, tree care and sawmilling. 

Tree Planting in Wiltshire

Covering Wiltshire and the surrounding central southern area Forest Depot can design and create small woodlands to suit any budget. Their tree planting service can range from planting a single tree to thousands of trees and related products including tree shelters, guards and stakes can be provided at a very competitive rate.

Sawn Timber in Wiltshire

Forest Depot can mill smaller volumes of timber that larger mills may not wish to deal with and the portable nature of their sawmill allows them the ability to travel and mill on site. The sawn timber that is produced is suitable for fencing, construction, turnery, carving and craft projects.

Timber Wanted in Wiltshire

Alongside their wide range of services Forest Depot also seek to purchase timber, whether standing or felled. All quantities and grades are considered and they pride themselves on offering a good price and ensuring payment is swift.

Forestry Warning Signs

Forest Deport also have forestry warning signs available for purchase. Made with plastic these signs are strong and suitable for all weather. The most popular of which are their Do Not Climb On Timber Stacks signs while they also offer Caution Overhead Cables, Warning Forest Operations and Caution Lorries Turning and Machinery Operating signs.

If you’re in need of woodland management services or have some timber you wish to sell in Wiltshire or central southern England contact Forest Depot today. Their wide range of services including tree planting, sawn timber, ground care & landscaping, tree care and weed & pest control, can meet all of your forestry and timber needs.

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