NewGrids Limited - E'Grid Geogrids for Soil & Asphalt Reinforcement

New Grids Ltd manufacture E'Grid Geogrids and associated products. Geogrids and geocells offer economical solutions to soil reinforcement, soil stabilisation and asphalt reinforcement. The purpose-built facility for geogrid manufacture is in China where the production of the polymer geogrids is strictly tested and quality controlled to international standards.

Biaxial E'Grid geogrids are ideal for use in the foundations of roads, railways, ports, airport runways and other paved areas. The geogrid soil reinforcement distributes loading and disperses stress giving improved foundation bearing capacity. Gabion installation using bi-axially orientated polypropylene E'Grid 3030L filled with rocks, are used frequently in river control, wier construction and sea defences as it is corrosion resistant to fresh & salt water and with the addition of carbon black, it is protected from the sun too.

Uni-axial geogrids are meshes used for soil stabilisation and reinforcement in walls and slopes offering environmentally friendly vegetated slopes during road and rail construction rather than the need for brick, stone or concrete walls.

Geocomposites E'Drain tri-planar & bi-planar geonets provide optimised drainage on difficult sites.

For further information on E'Grid Geogrids or to find a product distributer contact New Grids.

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