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Duotraq Global Tracking Systems are a leading online supplier of marine security and tracking products.  Their product range is available to purchase online and they offer shipping throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. Their GPS asset tracking products and boat monitoring systems are suitable for the full spectrum of boat & fleet owners, container shipping & people tracking.

Boat & Yacht Monitoring System Ranges

Are you looking for a boat monitoring system or yacht monitoring system to increase your vessels safety?  Duotraq Ltd supply a range of boat & yacht monitoring systems built to the highest spec.   Boat and yacht monitoring systems will alert you should there be any unauthorised movements or speeds to help you improve your security.   Customers can set their boat tracking device to account for safe zones and speed zones.  If you have an outboard engine the outboard tracking device is a great product to deter theft and help you locate your outboard in the event of theft.  Browse the range online or call the team today if you would like more information on boat satellite tracker options.

Satellite Fleet Tracking

Are you considering satellite fleet tracking for your yacht charters?  Duotraq Ltd offer a reliable range of products for your fleet.  With the addition of GPS asset tracking systems to your shipping containers you can see the location of any container at any time with the live tracking facility! 

Marine Security Cameras

If you are looking to add extra security to your fleet, Duotraq Ltd also supply high specification marine security cameras.  The waterproof Sentinel Cam marine security camera allows boat owners to view movement inside the cabin when they're not onboard, giving great security when moored in harbours, marinas or being used for charter purposes.  

IoT Asset Tracking Devices

Duotraq Ltd highly recommend a great range of IoT asset tracking devices as a more complete system for your security and safety needs.  The use of an IoT tracking system has many benefits which include waterproof rugged housing, low-cost data management and extensive network coverage. 

If you are looking for GPS trackers or IoT tracking systems contact Duotraq Ltd today.  You can also buy their products online, browse the great range of GPS tracking devices available from Duotraq Ltd today!

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