Alison Needful Things - Antique Jewellery Dorset

Alison Needful Things are specialists in selling fine antique jewellery. Antique jewellery is sourced, collected, traded and sold at antique fairs in Dorset, Hampshire and across the south of England and online, where it can be shipped worldwide. Alison regularly attends antique jewellery fairs in London and across the UK and has over fifteen years experience in the trade.

Alison Needful Things stock a large selection of antique jewellery across different eras:

Antique Jewellery

antique rings

Contact Alison for further information on any Antique Jewellery including sourcing a particular piece as Alison has a lot of contacts in the Antique Jewellery business.

Antique Diamond Rings Antique Bracelets Antique Earrings

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