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Andrew Norman is an English author who specialises in biography, general history and military history books. He worked as a General Practitioner for 11 years before a spinal injury left him unable to continue in that profession. Over the following years he underwent several surgeries in an effort to fix his back problems and it was during this period that he began writing.

Andrew Norman is fascinated by subjects that are somewhat unexplained and is inspired to research and write about them in an effort to shed light on the little-known details and share them with a wider audience. His first book, By Swords Divided: Corfe Castle in the Civil War, was published in 2003 and he has since become a well-established author with over 20 published titles. His biographical books tend to focus on aspects of popular figures that aren’t often discussed, some of which include:

Religious Fundamentalism Books

Andrew Norman’s most recent published work is The Unwitting Fundamentalist. In it he explores the origins of religion and the differences between each of them, the causes and motivations behind those who become religious fundamentalists and why, once somebody becomes a fundamentalist, it is almost unheard of them changing their minds and going against their beliefs. In a world where religious fundamentalism is front page news on an almost daily basis The Unwitting Fundamentalist tackles the topic in an extensive and balanced manner.

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