Our Charities and Clubs

Radikls is based in Dorset and over the years we have developed close links with the local community. We believe in supporting local charitable and sports ventures, which feed back into the community and help to provide opportunities and support for young people and adults in the area. We do this by running their websites on a non-profit basis and by attending charity events, and contributing in any way we can. Below is a little bit of information about some of the charities and clubs that we support.


Mosaic is a Dorset wide charity offering a pathway of support to bereaved children, young people and their families. They work with young people who are facing the death of a loved one and provide individual, family and group support. They also provide a residential weekend programme where bereaved children have the opportunity to meet others and share their experiences.

LV=Streetwise is a charitable organisation based in Dorset, which helps educate children learn about potential dangers in the everyday world around them in a safe, controlled, memorable and exciting venue. The charity was founded in partnership with LV= in 1998, and has since won awards for its interactive safety education program, which includes a life sized, indoor ‘bricks and mortar’ ‘village’ of scenarios from everyday town and country life.

SafeWise is a safety education charity delivering fire, health and road safety education to the local community. The charity currently includes FireWise, a unique and innovative educational facility aiming to increase fire safety awareness for the people of Dorset. Through both interactivity and with the use of special effects, FireWise truly does bring fire safety to life, enabling people to take what they have seen and apply it to their own homes and circumstances.


Leading Edge is a business networking group based in the Wessex region, founded by a small collective of like-minded entrepreneurs in April 2010. The guiding ethos of the group is in generating business links through relationships and collaboration. In building strong relationships within the group, members develop a mutual respect and trust for each other. This allows for levels of honesty between members that allow them to respond collaboratively to the challenges and changes that occur within the marketplace; building strength and resilience to socio-economic adversity.

Poole Athletic Club is a running club known for its Road Running, Cross Country and Track & Field Leagues. The club welcomes everyone from 8 years old upwards, irrespective of ability. They encourage enthusiasm and tenacity, which is supported by qualified coaches and a friendly inclusive atmosphere. The races that Poole AC organise, including The Beast and Round the Lakes 10K, can be entered by anyone.

The East Dorset Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is a hub of the community in the Poole Harbour and Sandbanks area. It has a reputation for being one of the largest and friendliest clubs in the area, offering a range of unique sports facilities open to all. They are the only lawn tennis club in the area with 9 grass courts available throughout the summer months and 10 all-weather courts. As well as tennis and croquet, the club has thriving bridge and petanque sections, and provide a range of activities that meet the needs of almost anyone.

Netball Dorset is the new county-wide body for Netball in Dorset, which is managed by the Netball Dorset Management Board (NDMB). The role of the NDMB is outlined in the County Constitution. Its primary functions are to provide strategic direction, support and guidance to its leagues and sporting partnerships and to manage the affairs of Netball in the County of Dorset.

Wessex Volleyball is a renowned volleyball club based in Poole and Sandbanks area. The Club caters for indoor and beach (in the summer) volleyball, beginners to Internationals from age 8 upwards. Wessex are one of the top all round volleyball clubs and the most successful at junior level in England. They have won 1 English National Cup Senior title and 34 National Junior Championships, as well as numerous South West titles.