About Radikls

“We asked Radikls to produce a website for our fun and unique Chocolate Fountains that was like no other already out there. We are really pleased with the results, the Les Chocolatiers website is so much better than we imagined, coupled with our mirror neon tables and uniformed Chocolatiers it'll really help kick-start our new business.”

Clay Quarchioni - Co-Director,
Les Chocolatiers

Company Overview

The process of managing information has undergone radical change. Not too long ago, Internet companies were isolated, self-contained and independent of the organisations they served. If something went wrong, the consequence was just a few hours of frustration and lost productivity.

e-Business has changed all that. Now, the Internet touches every aspect of the way a company works - connecting with customers, suppliers and partners around the world. If something goes wrong, it can jeopardise revenues, relationships and market valuations. e-Business management has become a critical discipline for every organisation around the globe.

In the new age of e-Business, every business will be an e-Business. That's why Radikls is uniquely positioned to help companies succeed in this new era. We develop and support the applications that drive e-business reform.

With an advanced and comprehensive portfolio of applications available, Radikls addresses all aspects of e-Business management, including content management, process management, relationship and information management. Our e-Business portfolio enables organisations of all kinds to gain and sustain a competitive advantage in an era that demands speed, innovation and accuracy.

Radikls was started with three people, one application and no venture capital. With over 10 years of continuous innovation and unwavering commitment to quality, Radikls provides solutions that deliver a profound impact for their clients. Our goal is to be your partner-of-choice for the next generation of e-Business.

Whether you're a client, a strategic partner, an investor, a potential employee, or just someone who is interested in learning more about Radikls, we invite you to explore the information available on our web site - and discover how Radikls is your key partner in an era of radical change.

Tony Raybould
Chief Executive