The Twins - Stage Magicians and Twin Illusionists

The Twins - Stage Magicians & Illusionists

Tel: 0845 052 3683

The Twins are special effect consultants and world class twin illusionists. The Twins offer a professional creative service, bespoke illusions and have an impressive track record of clients.

The magical identical twins are unique stage magicians who entertain with logic defying magic and illusion to audiences around the world.

The Illusionists provide magic tricks, magic shows and spectacular illusions in theatres, casino entertainment venues, cruise ships, and for film and tv magic productions. They have also been happy to entertain soldiers overseas,

Professional magic tricks and grand illusions provided by the twin illusionists include stunts such as disappearing a luxury super yacht from the stage; a large helicopter materialising on an empty stage; and flying people or objects across a stage and out into the audience without wires.

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